October 30, 2018

Halloween Tutorial: AR zombie pumpkin shooter with Unity 🎃

Halloween is creeping up! So, apart from trick-or-treating, why not seize the occasion to improve your developing skills. After all, practice does indeed make perfect.

To encourage all fellow developers to embrace the Halloween spirit to further exercise their craft, we are sharing a cool Halloween AR Game Tutorial in Unity created by Professor Dr. Penny de Byl.

In this Halloween AR tutorial, which uses the Wikitude SDK in Unity, Dr. Penny walks you through the steps needed to set up an AR zombie pumpkin shooter game using the Object recognition and Extended Object Tracking features.

Watch the full AR tutorial and get started with your very own Halloween AR game creation!

You’re in for a treat: register until tomorrow (31st Oct. 2018) to get 90% off our Udemy course “A beginner’s guide to augmented reality with Unity”.

And if you want to get even more in the Halloween spirit, don’t miss these unsettling AR horror films which kept us wide awake last night…

  Happy Haunting 👻

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