February 20, 2019

Wikitude and Cybernet announce partnership to boost the Japanese AR market

SALZBURG/TOKYO – February 20, 2019 – Wikitude and Cybernet, a leading Computer Aided Engineering software provider in Japan, are proud to announce their partnership to boost augmented reality technology in the Japanese market. 

Starting April 2019, Cybernet will own the rights to distribute Wikitude’s augmented reality SDK, Cloud, Studio and Enterprise offerings, to support the growing demand of medium and large enterprises looking to include AR in their strategy.

As a leading computer-aided engineering solution provider, Cybernet has been contributing to CAE-based solutions for over 30 years in a wide array of fields: research and development (R&D), engineering departments of manufacturing companies, along with university and governmental research institutes.

Wikitude in Japan

Wikitude first started its activities in the Japanese market in 2015 thanks to GrapeCity, the previous partner owning reseller rights of Wikitude’s technology. These rights have now been fully transferred to Cybernet.

GrapeCity customers holding a Wikitude SDK license will continue to have their active licenses running with no changes. GrapeCity will close its previous website on March 29th, 2019. All future information regarding Wikitude and Cybernet can be found on this new website.

By adding Wikitude’s augmented reality tools to its portfolio, Cybernet aims to help AR technology expand more rapidly inside the Japanese market.

The Wikitude SDK

Wikitude SDK is the go-to tool for businesses and agencies that wish to create a wide variety of AR-based solutions. It allows developers to track, save and share AR experiences, connecting digital data to world spaces, images, objects and more.

The AR market has grown rapidly in recent years with the spread of smart devices. According to a survey from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the market size for AR / VR worldwide was 229.7 billion yen in 2016, and it is estimated that by 2020 the market will reach approximately 1,316.7 billion yen.

Cybernet has been engaged in the development of AR / VR solutions for several years. By adding Wikitude to its CAE software portfolio, they believe this will greatly contribute to the development of AR applications in Japan and continue to accelerate the adoption of this technology in a variety of sectors.

About Wikitude GmbH

Wikitude is the leading independent augmented reality platform for phones, tablets, and smart glasses with over 125,000 registered developers, 25,000 published apps, and 1 billion app installs. Wikitude enables developers, agencies, and enterprises to create AR experiences that delight, amaze, and provide a tangible return on investment. 

About Cybernet

Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd. provides a wide array of leading-edge software solution services in the field of scientific computation, with a focus on services related to CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). These include the provision of software, training services, technical support, and consulting services in a wide variety of industries and fields including electric equipment, transportation equipment, machinery, precision equipment, healthcare, and educational/research institutions. Specifically, the company handles diverse world-class software products including those for structural analysis, injection molding analysis, acoustic analysis, mechanical analysis, control system analysis, communication system analysis, signal processing, optics design, illumination analysis, electronic circuit design, general-purpose visualization, and medical image processing. The company thus caters to a range of customer needs.

Details of Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd. are available on the following website: http://www.cybernet.co.jp/english/

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