December 11, 2017

Create an AR furniture app in 5 minutes

Augmented reality apps are becoming more and more popular with furniture manufacturer’s these days. Brands like IKEA, Lowe’s, Bang & Olufsen and Westwing to name a few are betting on this new channel to push sales and to bridge the imagination gap, leading to faster purchasing decisions and fewer returns.

These are exactly the arguments that make retailers across the globe get all excited about augmented reality apps.

This post is a guest article by our partner ViewAR, a Viennese augmented reality solutions creator who built its own AR system, used by companies such a Bang & Olufsen, Lufthansa, Novomatic, Austrian and more.

The ViewAR system is a web-based template-platform, giving developers the ability to create AR-apps for product visualization, using the Wikitude SDK, in less than 5 minutes only using HTML5 and JavaScript, with its own Content Management System and Model-pipeline.

Building the AR-furniture experience

There are two crucial elements when displaying objects in your own environment. They shall be placed on the floor or any other surface, not to float in the air. And they should be shown in the right size. This is where the Wikitude SDK comes in, where its SLAM algorithm, together with a scaling approach enables the user to do exactly what is wanted, displaying the right product at the right position at its right size with the ViewAR system.

On top of this you only need to follow a few next steps to create your app:

  • Set up your base info, like bundle-ID, App name, etc.
  • Choose a template for the industry you want to build the app for
  • Style your app using CSS, directly in the browser using the inspector
  • Add your content
  • Test the app using ViewAR SDK app, available both in the iOS AppStore and Google Play Store
  • Build on top instead of from scratch


    The web-platform with its templates already provides you with out-of-the-box features for any retail application. Modules like material-switch, a web-based material-configurator, CSS-styling, Google Analytics, Report / shopping cart, Social Media Share and many more features are already pre-developed. In combination with the Wikitude SDK, which has been already integrated by ViewAR, any app can be created in less than 5 minutes.

    The outcome – fully flexible AR-applications, tailor-made to any client’s needs, putting customization and client service on top. See how it’s done by watching this video:

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