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Wikitude AR now wrapped into Adobe’s PhoneGap Developer App

Wikitude included in the PhoneGap Developer app

Update (August 2017): A developer insight into Wikitde SDK 7 – Object recognition, multi-target tracking and SLAM based instant tracking

As recently announced in Adobe’s blog post, PhoneGap has included the Wikitude Cordova plugin in their PhoneGap Developer App! This is great news for PhoneGap developers who wish to explore AR and build projects using all the features of the Wikitude SDK.

To kick start PhoneGap’s leap into AR, Wikitude will provide a hands on workshop on May 20th, at PhoneGap Day EU in Amsterdam. Wikitude’s Head of SDK, Andreas Schacherbauer, will discuss what AR has to offer and share how to create AR experiences using Wikitude’s JavaScript API.

Couldn’t make it to the event? Get started with your PhoneGap AR app by downloading the Wikitude Cordova plugin and checking our handy setup guide!

Want to see the Wikitude Cordova plugin in action? Check out PhoneGap’s new Samurai bot shirt glowing! Samurai-bot

Download Cordova Plugin

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