December 3, 2019

Affordable High-performing Augmented Reality For Startups

Over the last year and a half, the Wikitude startup program received over 3000 applications from 124 countries across the globe. This successful campaign, which has supported hundreds of startups and independent developers with free AR SDK licenses, is entering its next phase: accessible SDK license fee for eligible startups, free of watermarks.

Startup Campaign Phase I – Outcome

Global Reach

Created to support startups at an early and crucial stage in business, the first phase of the program has successfully fulfilled its purpose, reaching companies and independent developers from 6 different continents:

Startup requests by country
Wikitude startup applications by country (June 2018 – November 2019)

As seen on the map, the countries with the highest application rates were the USA, India, and Brazil, followed by Italy, Germany, Mexico, Great Britain, Russia, Indonesia, France, Spain, China, Croatia, Canada, Thailand, Iran, Turkey, Australia, Colombia, and Malaysia.

From 3000+ requests, 1600+ license keys were granted, enabling 700+ AR project creations, 100+ of which, were successfully published.

Industry Sector

The AR apps and solutions resulting from the startup program are many. As seen below, the industry sectors of Education, Gaming, Communication, Entertainment, Art, Business, and Tourism sum 75% of the demand. 

Startup SDK AR app by industry sector
Wikitude startup AR projects by industry (June 2018 – November 2019)

Startup Projects

Of the 100+ apps that were published, below you will find three top selected apps using different AR technology features:


Created to support the tailoring industry, this innovative AR app allows sewing patterns to be precisely visualized through the phone screen and transferred directly to the fabric.

Place the anchor on the fabric, position the piece, trace the virtual lines with a fabric pen, cut, done!

Digital Ruin Reconstruction

The project, called Fábrica de Ferro Ipanema (Ipanema Ironworks), consists of a digital reconstruction of the blast furnaces complex located at the Royal Ironworks of St John, in Ipanema, with the use of AR. This virtual heritage app had the objective to reconstruct a historical site where foundry works began in Brazil back in 1810. 

Stand Up AR

Stand Up AR was created to augment the San Jose State University Victory Stand Statue. Providing story and context, users can stand up with the statue anywhere in the world.

Startup Campaign – Phase II

Special AR SDK pricing for eligible startups

Starting and running a new business is full of challenges, including financial ones. We understand that and want to help: eligible startups can now buy a Wikitude StartUp SDK license, with no logo or watermark, for just €499.

AR SDK for startups

In order to qualify for a Wikitude Startup SDK, companies must meet the following criteria:

StartUp Company Criteria*
  • Company founded less than two years ago
  • All company shareholders are natural persons
  • Total company gross revenues and received funds in the last financial year did not exceed €100,000.00 (one hundred thousand Euro)

*If the StartUp license is for a customer project, please note the criteria also apply to the customer.

Do you fit the criteria and are interested in creating cross-platform AR experiences for smartphones and tablets across Android, iOS, and Windows? Click the link below to review the requirements and make your purchase.

Questions, comments? Let us know!

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