Augmented Reality for Packaging

Augmented Reality for Packaging

Harness the power of AR to transform packaging

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Augmented Reality Experiences for Packaging

Brands worldwide are innovating product packaging using augmented reality technology. Make a difference for your next brand campaign with the help of our world-class cross-platform AR technology.


Impress your customers with highly shareable interactive AR campaigns


Let your packaging tell the brand stories and provide latest updates – digitally


Attach unlimited images and videos to make the packaging truly reflect your brand

Packaging AR apps powered by Wikitude technology

  • Jack Daniels packaging

    Jack Daniel’s

    The Jack Daniel’s AR app offers a virtual tour of the distillery. Brand fans can take a closer look at the whiskey-making process and learn stories about Mr. Jack Daniel. This AR experience has attracted international media and over 30,000 downloads in just the first month.

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  • Jim Beam packaging

    Jim Beam

    The brand offers a variety of AR apps that allow customers to watch the world of Jim Beam unfolding in beautifully detailed animations right on the bottle. Consumers can also use the AR app to stay connected with friends and send them digital messages.

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  • ALimeCrime packaging


    The cosmetic brand’s approach to AR is focused on entertainment, experience, and education. Their first-ever AR campaign literally brought Venus to life. A quick mobile scan activates the character who talks about the product’s features and shows a series of tutorials.

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  • Mojokaii packaging


    The Mojokaii companion AR app was created specifically for gamers to leverage their affinity to all things digital. By pointing to the booster label, gamers dive into an immersive digital narrative, unique for each product.

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“We wanted to have a product that entertains people and gives them an incentive to collect all of our products. It was challenging to find a good tool to track our cylinder product with the additional feature of marker-based tracking. With Wikitude we got a solution, so we can give our customers the best visual impression.”
Fabian Merks | Technical Director | AR-Company
“Our packaging has always been one of many things that sets us apart from other brands, so we’re excited to be the pioneer in AR packaging for cosmetics.”
Stacy Panagaki | CEO | Lime Crime
“In today’s world, it’s important for us to reach fans and consumers where they are. That means sharing content that’s unique, interesting, and relevant through a variety of digital mediums. This new AR experience is taking our brand storytelling to the next level.”
Jeff Cole | Modern Media Director | Jack Daniel’s

Leverage your brand presence through engaging AR content for packaging

  • Image Recognition Icon

    Image Tracking

    Immerse customers in the engaging AR content attached to any printed media. From bottle labels to flyers and prints on clothing – Image Tracking works well for every surface.

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  • Augmented Reality Object Recognition Icon

    Object Tracking

    Add a digital layer to objects of all shapes and sizes: from packaging to in-store activation and merchandise. Reliable for indoor and outdoor use, this feature allows creating versatile campaigns.

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  • Location Based Services Icon

    Cylinder Tracking

    Ideal AR feature for augmenting cylindrical-shaped containers and packaging. Multiple Cylinder Tracking allows the targets to interact through digital augmentations, audio, and more.

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Wikitude AR SDK

AR Technology for Packaging

Well-received by customers in every category augmented reality is a versatile tool that can be used for any budget and product.

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As augmented reality technology provider pioneers, Wikitude has over a decade of experience invested into its core product: the Wikitude SDK.

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