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Wikitude now supports 3D capabilities for your augmented reality experience

Wikitude ARchitect 3D Model Support Wikitude, the world’s leading augmented reality solutions provider now supports 3D capabilities in both it’s Wikitude App and the powerful SDK 2.0. Wikitude SDKWith the inclusion of 3D capabilities, the power of augmented reality now moves beyond 2D overlays, and provides developers with new and innovative ways to present content to consumers. Through the use of target images and image recognition, 3D capabilities allow consumers to fully visualize content, rotate a full 360˚ around an object, and delve deep into augmented reality experiences. This is not Wikitude’s first foray into 3D modeling, as the firm has previously worked with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology to bring a historic Roman gladiator school to life. Through 3D capabilities, the non-excavated site is visible to all those that visit the historic location in Petronell-Carnuntum, Austria. This is the first time that Wikitude has incorporated 3D capabilities into their SDK, thus allowing developers around the world to include 3D models into their augmented reality projects. Likewise, the technology is now included in the updated version of the Wikitude app. Augmented reality experiences have seen a massive uptake, particularly in area of of interactive consumer experiences, and with the upcoming release of Google Glass and other wearable computing displays, will only gain in popularity and market penetration. Always pushing technology to it’s limits, Wikitude is already meeting this demand by including 3D capabilities into it’s powerful SDK for developers.


With the launch of the Wikitude SDK 2.0, we’ve also updated our pricing models. We’re happy to introduce a major update and simplification to our pricing model for the Wikitude SDK. As of today you can choose between three different SDK products (FLEX, LITE and PRO) with prices starting as low as 99€! pricing_overview_20It never has been more affordable to include the Wikitude SDK into your project with the new SDK FLEX license, starting at 99€. The FLEX license is a volume-based license, which you can adapt as your app grows. It comes with a starting volume of 200 active users – so unique users of your app, which are actually using the augmented reality functionality. As your app grows you can upgrade your SDK FLEX license with two packages including 5000 active users (€199) or 10000 active users (€349). Additionally, the updated Wikitude SDK LITE and PRO have been converted to unlimited licenses. Both of these licenses are no longer volume-based in contrast to previous licenses. The SDK LITE pricing starts at just 599€ and includes a basic feature set. Our most popular and powerful option, the SDK PRO license includes the full features of Wikitude and is available for 1499€. The updated licenses are available as of today in our online store.
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