Cloud license combines the power of Wikitude’s full feature AR SDK with fast and scalable cloud hosting solution.

This license is ideal for apps including a large number of targets or with a need to frequently update target images. Customers of the Cloud license benefit from Wikitude’s full feature augmented reality SDK with 3D recognition (SLAM), image recognition and tracking and geo-location AR, as well as hosting content on the Wikitude Cloud.

Main features of the package:
  • Wikitude SDK (3D Recognition, Image Recognition and Tracking and Geo-AR)
  • Wikitude Cloud Recognition Service
  • Includes 10,000 images and 1 millions scans/month
  • License for 1x Android and 1x iOS App
  • Support for Extensions (Unity, Xamarin, Titanium and PhoneGap)
  • Free SDK Updates 
  • Support via the Wikitude Forum

License terms: this license is an auto renewal yearly fee. Benefits are available while license is active. For details on our return policy please visit Wikitude’s legal page.


  • Geo
  • 2D Image Recognition
  • 3D Engine
  • 3D Recognition
  • Cloud Recognition
4490 / yr

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