Wikitude Premium Partner – Scramboo


Scramboo is a UK-based mobile agency specialising in location-based games, augmented reality and geo-located content delivery. At Scramboo we’re passionate about creating playful, interactive experiences that bring together the real and digital worlds.  

Company Info

Scramboo The Dock
Wilbury Villas
Hove, East Sussex

+44 7802 254 804

Company Description

Scramboo works with creative agencies, brands, public sector organisations and visitor attractions to deliver everything from augmented advertising and product launches through to mobile treasure hunts and real-world games. They use a variety of tools including Augmented Reality applications, NFC, QR codes and our own location-based publishing & game platform to deliver projects such as:
  • Using location-based AR to enable a leading UK Council to provide new ways for residents to find and engage with local services & policy decisions.
  • Creating city-wide mobile treasure hunts to help Worldwide Fund for Nature to reach out and inspire users to take action and support WWF initiatives.
  • Using mobile apps to drive immersive experiences for festival-goers and product launches.
  • Applying image-based augmented reality to advertising campaigns in The Times, corporate exhibitions & events, and motorsports team launches.
  • Using cross-platform mobile webapps to bring gallery spaces to life for young audiences.

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