Wikitude Studio and Wikitude 8 offer four ways for you to share your project with your users and friends.

The key to all four ways to share your project are the search code and the project link of your project.

The Project Link is the easiest way to share your project. The Project Link is a regular link, that ever user can open in a browser on their mobile device. It consists of our domain and your search code (e.g. Once entered the link will automatically open the Wikitude App with your project. In case Wikitude isn't installed on the user's device, the user will be prompted to install the app first.

The Search Code can be alternatively used to launch your augmented reality experience. Share it with your friends, customers or users so they can experience your augmented reality project.

The person who wants to use the code needs to install the most recent version of the Wikitude App from Google Play or Apple App Store and then follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Wikitude
  2. Enter the search code in the search box

3 Easy Steps To Your AR Experience

Wikitude provides you a 3-step visual instructions template to easily guide users to your AR experience in the Wikitude app. Simply add this template with your custom search code to your target image and your communication channels to spread the word about your project! To download the ‘3 steps to AR’ image click here.

The image below shows an example how this could be applied to a magazine page.

The default Project Link runs under the domain Customers who want to user their own domain for a call to action to launch the augmented reality experience can do this by using a redirect.