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Wikitude for Symbian available again

Download in Ovi Store

for Symbian^3 devices (e.g. N8, C7, E7, C6-01), N97 and N97 mini

S60 3rd Edition

We have decided to not update the S60 3rd Edition version anymore. However we still plan to release bugfixes if necessary. We will continue to offer Wikitude for the E72 via the Ovi Store and for the other supported devices via this webpage. To download Wikitude, open your browser on your Nokia device, navigate to this page and click on the appropriate link. Alternatively you can download the file to your Computer and install Wikitude with Ovi Suite.
Download for S60 3rd Edition 0.7 MB
  • Nokia E72
  • Nokia N86 8MP
  • Nokia 6788
  • Nokia E52
  • Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 6710 Navigator
  • Nokia E55
  • Nokia 6720 classic
  • Nokia 6210 Navigator

About Wolfgang

Wolfgang studied Mobile Computing at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. With a strong interest in the Symbian platform he joined Mobilizy to help develop the Wikitude Client for Nokia smartphones. Wolfgang is interested in everything mobile and loves to mountainbike and snowboard in the Austrian alps.

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119 Responses
  1. k.i. says:

    Is there a way to intall Qt to the mass memory? I find the installation of 10 MB of Qt to the C: drive of my N97 completely unacceptable.

  2. Manuel says:

    Hallo Lieber Wikitude Team.

    Wird es den World Browser mit den neuen QT Libraries auch für das i8910 HD geben?!

  3. Wolfgang says:

    Mit dem ersten link funktioniert die Installation bei mir nicht ( N97 ). Macht den download, aber bei während der Insatllation bricht es ab und meldet man soll die Installation mit dem “smart installer” später nochmal versuchen, was aber mit dem selben Ergebnis endet. Welche minimalen Speichermengen sind erforderlich? C: und RAM ?

  4. Christian says:

    why are lately soooo often apps for E72 available but not for an E75? what is the reason for that? I really like my E75 but somehow it’s never supported.

  5. ploik says:

    Nevermind, I found that it is not compatible with Nokia 5800 as it does not have a compass.

  6. Nicola says:

    Hi Czar,
    Unfortunately the 6220classic does not have the necessary sensors, therefore we can’t support it.

  7. Nicola says:

    Hi Christian,
    Unfortunately the E75 does not have the necessary sensors, therefore we can’t support it.

  8. Wolfgang says:

    @Bertrand, unfortunately the E71 does not have a digital compass therefore Wikitude is not compatible with this device. Cheers Wolfgang

  9. Wolfgang says:

    Hallo Wolfgang,

    im schlechtesten Fall benötigt die Installation um die 8 MB auf C:. Während Wikitude auf jedem Laufwerk installiert werden kann, werden die benötigten Bibliotheken immer auf C: installiert. Evt. hilft es die aktuelle Firmware zu installieren um mehr Platz auf C: zu bekommen.

    Grüße, Wolfgang

  10. Wolfgang says:

    Hi k.i.

    Unfortunately the Qt libraries have to be installed on C:. This is a technical limitation we can not do anything about. Wikitude however can be installed on any of your phone’s drives. In most cases it helps to install the newest firmware which frees up additional space on C: (Ovi Maps moved from C: to internal memory).

    Cheers, Wolfgang

  11. Nicola says:

    Hallo Stefan,
    Leider verfügt das X6 über keinen digitalen Kompass und deshalb läuft Wikitude nicht darauf.

  12. Jakub Jencik says:

    Dear Wikitude team, I bricked my N86 when installing your application. The phone died out. I’m not able to power it up, the phone doesn’t respond when I press the power button. I have tried everything, even to flash my phone with Phoenix, but nothing works. My phone is officially dead. Can you give me some advice? Did this happen to anybody else?

  13. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Jakub,

    it is very unlikely that you can brick your phone by installing an application such as Wikitude. I would try to hard reset the phone by simultaneously press * and 3 while powering the phone on (hold all 3 buttons). Removing the memory card beforehand sometimes helps. If this does not help I would take it to the next Nokia Support Partner.

    Good luck with getting your phone working again. Cheers Wolfgang

  14. PJ says:

    got it working over my home wifi network last night, very cool

    but is there any way to force it onto the 3g network, as away from home all i get is “contacting server” and then it times out, “socket operation timed out”

    is this a problem with your server, the software or my phone connection?

  15. Wolfgang says:

    Hi PJ, this probably has to do with your operator or the type of access point you are using. You can send me the info about access point, operator, … per email to info AT mobilizy DOT com and I will have a look. Cheers, Wolfgang

  16. Santiago says:

    I’m having the same problem using wikitude over 3g network.
    I’m from Argentina, my operator is Claro.

  17. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Santiago, please send me the detailed information about your network configuration to info AT mobilizy DOT com. This might not be directly related to Wikitude, but to your provider disallowing certain connections. I am especially interested in the different access points that are available and if you have tested with all (WEB, WAP, …). What application did you use to verify that an internet connection over the 3g network is working? Thanks, Wolfgang

  18. WS says:

    Its awesome!!! But I have a problem. Every characters are replaced WorY`.I use 6210(branded by korean…).I install it at C: (9mb!!! there are less than 30 ) . Plz help~

  19. Akash Vadher says:

    which is better the Wikitude 3rd edition with Qt Smart installer or the
    Wikitude 3rd edition with Qt libraries?

  20. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Akash, both versions work. The Qt Smart installer version is however smaller and will download the Qt Libraries only if needed. Cheers, Wolfgang

  21. Wolfgang says:

    Hi WS, can you further describe the problem. Screenshots might help to make your point. You can send them to info AT mobilizy DOT com.

    As for the disk space problem, you can install Wikitude to your memory card but the Qt libraries (around 8 MB) will be installed onto C:. This is an technical limitation we can not do anything about.

    Cheers, Wolfgang

  22. Nicola says:

    Hallo Yvonne,
    Das Nokia 5800 verfügt über keinen Kompass. Wikitude benötigt zur Berechnung folgende Sensoren: Kompass, GPS und Bewegungssensoren. Aus diesem Grund können wir das 5800 leider nicht unterstützen.
    Schöne Grüße

  23. Nicola says:

    Hi Tobias,
    Unfortunately the Nokia 5230 does not have a built-in compass which is needed for AR applications like Wikitude to work properly. So unfortunately we can not support this phone.

  24. Jota Efe says:

    Hello there,

    When installing either on an E72 (Phone or Mem Card, I tried both…), I get an error message — in croatian?? — saying that the installation failed (I think): “Instalacija nije uspela” …

  25. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Jota, the installation process is handled by the Symbian OS and therefore the phone language should be used. To resolve your installation problem, can you give me more details on what messages are displayed during installation? Especially which step fails. Are you using the latest version from our homepage? It might also help to write down or quickly translate the Croatian message (if you know Croatian). Cheers, Wolfgang

  26. Jota Efe says:

    Hi Wolfgang — I don’t speak croatian! I’m nowhere near Croatia as a matter of fact… my phone language is French, which is why this was bizarre. A quick Google translation says this means ‘installation failed’. But as it happens, I tried again today and it worked. New croatian messages appeared (‘Komponente se proveravaju’, meaning ‘Checking components’, but this was replaced 10 seconds later with the appropriate french equivalent. Bizarre. BTW this time I used the Nokia app installer rather than Ovi suite. Thanks for your reply!

  27. Krishna says:

    Dear wolfgang/nicole..

    Im using omnia i8910 and Fw is Faenil’s n204….
    I installed QT installer using faenil myQT installer and right now wat ever u said like PIPs, upgrade for PIPS etc etc are installed in phone memory(C:/) and wen i downloaded wikitude from your download for i8910 section ( ) and installed it , its installing on to the phone memory and again while installing dependicies it’s installing half way down and says ” could not install -PIPS.sis erroe, please uninstall your old QT version ” something like that n installation fails..

    Wat’s d real problem I jus want to know…. whr am i to download the exact stuff and the exact supporting files.. Please help me.

    Thanks in advance.


  28. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Krishna, since the standard firmware from Samsung is missing the Qt libraries we have to install them manually. Therefore you get the above error if they already exist in the custom firmware and cannot be updated(!). That’s unfortunate at the moment but we are awaiting the official Qt files signed from Samsung before releasing the next version for the i8910. Thanks for your patience, Wolfgang

  29. Krishna says:

    Dear Wolfgang…

    I cant really get u… thing is that I’m able to open QT based programs like FAENILATOR and STARTBACK UP provided by Faenil… and all the specific u’ve stated are there in my phone memory, including ” upgrade for openC LIBZ support version 1.06″ ( for s60v5 touchscreen phones)) …. This is really harsh on wikitude’s part Mr.Wolfgang :-( .

    Does mean that Im able to operate QT based programs on my CFW n204 bt not yr wikitude …..

    HElp me!!!!!!


  30. Wolfgang says:

    let me try to clarify. We had to package the Qt libraries with Wikitude because the standard firmware does not provide Qt. When we now install Qt onto the custom firmware from faenil our installation procedure fails because Qt already exist in firmware and cannot be updated/reinstalled. So while Wikitude would work with the preinstalled Qt libraries our installation procedure is at fault here. Since updating and packaging our new version for the i8910 requires some work we have decided to wait until a proper Qt version for Samsung devices is available. This was promised by Nokia for the next Qt version released. Until then I am afraid that Wikitude won’t be installable on this custom firmware :(. – Wolfgang

  31. Alex says:

    Hallo! Ich habe Wikitude auf meinem Nokia N97 mini installiert,aber beim starten kommt nach einer Minute die Meldung:” Ein Problem beim Entpacken der Antwort des Servers ist aufgetreten”
    Wie kann man das beheben??

  32. Wolfgang says:

    Hi John, the E63 does not have a digital compass. This sensor is required for Wikitude to work. So unfortunately this means Wikitude will not be available for the E63. Cheers, Wolfgang

  33. Wolfgang says:

    Hallo, das Problem kann auftreten, wenn die Empfangsqualität schlecht ist. Sollte das nicht der Fall gewesen sein und das Problem besteht weiterhin, kann es sich um einen Bug handeln. Es wäre toll wenn du in diesem Fall folgende Informationen an uns schicken kannst: grober Standort, verwendetes Netz (Empfangsqualität) und Firmware Version (*#0000# eingeben). Eine kurze email an info AT mobilizy DOT com reicht. Danke

  34. Deno says:

    I’ve installed the wikitude on my Nokia E52 and experimented with it today. Feedback FYI:

    * Compas is erratic. I tried it three times earlier today. First time the compass was off by almost 180°, showing Vienna city centre to the east of Prater. 2-nd time it worked fine, and the third time it was off by some 30°. Btw, i find the message “turn the phone in all directions” a bit confusing. Does this really mean “tumble around”, or “make a 360° view of the world around you with the phone camera”?
    Hint: if this isn’t just the E52, maybe you should add “recalibrate compass” in options.

    * The app. seems to be somewhat unstable. At times it simply blocks, and exits after a while. Since I’ve used it successfully only 3x for a couple of minutes, the “somewhat” should be taken with a grain of salt. This could be E52 instability though – I’ve seen it freezing quite often in other location based apps.

    * Pressing the “options” in camera mode does nothing at all. I thought that I may opt for longer explanations there..

    * which brings me to “sprechblasen” as shown in your videos. on my E52, they are minuscule, containing just 3-4 letters.

    Btw, this “leave a reply” entry is strange. I presume the big box is for the comments, but what are the three unnamed entry fields below? (name + e-mail + ???)

  35. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Deno. Thanks a lot for this comment full of useful feedback. To calibrate the compass I usually do a horizontal 8, but it also works if you turn it flat one full circle and then flipping it 360° inside your hand. If the message disappears the compass should be calibrated. Some environments can affect the digital compass quite a bit and confuse it. This is probably what happened.
    Concerning the crashes, did you upgrade to the latest firmware. This might resolve, not only Wikitude crashes but also other problems you might be having with your phone. If you can spot any reproducible problems we would be very happy if you could send us a short email to info AT mobilizy DOT com describing the steps to take to reproduce it.
    There should not be an options button in the camview. This is probably a phone model related bug I will check it and this should be resolved in one of the upcoming versions. Btw. what version are you using (it is displayed on the settings screen)?
    About the “sprechblasen” they definitely should have more than 3 letters beneath them telling you what this point is. I will also check on an E52 to see if this is a model related problem.

    Thanks, Wolfgang

  36. Fevves says:

    Hi Wolfgang.

    Is there any news for Samsung i8910 Omina HD users re newest v5? I saw it’s available for N97/mini (as they’re also s60v5 sets). I even managed to install Wikitude v5 on my i8910 but camera view is bugged (showing black screen only) and is hogging the whole application. Otherwise ,worlds selecting and whole UI is much smoother then v2.

    It would be rather great if we, i8910 owners, could get v5 compatible version :)

    Or is it just some QT dependency or QT permission missing? btw, I’m using modded QT one click installer for i8910 as it gives us all capabilities and dependencies, but I think your Wikitude application might need updated QT installation…

    Thanks for any info you can provide :)

    cheers and keep up the good job you’re already doing.

  37. Fevves says:

    btw, Wikitude v2.0 for i8910 is installable and is working just fine on any CFW/FW… I’m still using Wikitude v2.0 on n2o4…
    Since faenils QT install, Wikitude v2.0 is installable by removing implemented outdated QT libs from the package itself. It’s v5 that uses newer QT, but since official QT 4.7.0 final is out I guess we can expect something new.

  38. Moe says:

    Is there a “n204 installation for dummies guide?” If so let me know cause I’m fricken lost in technical limbo…

  39. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Moe, I am sorry to tell you that we cannot officially support custom firmwares. But, you might be able to get help here if you post your problem. I know that the custom firmware guys are reading the comments. Cheers, Wolfgang

  40. Fevves says:

    @Moe: You can visit Faenils blog and get QT ‘One Click Installer’ (4.7.0.b1) that installs all dependencies and has all CAPAS. It’s an easy process of installation if you have RP+ and you enabled installserver patch. Then you grab stripped Wikitude 2.0 from the same blog (reminder: it’s not reverse engineered in any way. Wikitude itself is as Devs intended and programmed, it’s just QT part that is removed). This installation is small and is unsigned cause of changed content of the package so use InstallServer patch in RP+ yet again.
    If you have FontRouter installed, you should disable it and reboot your phone before you start any QT application (only system font is going to work).
    And one other thing – if you have already installed anything re standalone QT or package implemented QT, you should uninstall those first.

    btw, in described way – Wikitude 2.0 is working on any i8910 firmware, custom or not.

    Hope I helped a bit.


  41. Jack says:

    When I install the application in my Nokia N86 8MP, it doesn’t finish the installation. My phone keeps showing “Comprovant Components” message. If I cancel this message, my phone has no respond. I need to remove the battery and reboot my phone.

  42. Nicola says:

    Unfortunately the 5800 does not have a built in compass. As Wikitude needs a compass to work, we are not able to support the 5800.

  43. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Jack, this seems to be a problem with Nokia’s Smart Installer. Please try following:
    Check if you have the latest firmware installed. If this does not help reinstalling everything might. For this you have to manually uninstall all the Qt libraries, Open C and Standard C++ libraries and then install the Wikitude version from our website. Let me know if it worked.
    Cheers, Wolfgang

  44. Joao Coelho says:

    Hi..I have installed Wikitude in my Nokia N97 mini but after that the initial page apears (Loading…Getting you location) and noting hapens. Did I made a mistake? Joao (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

  45. Wolfgang says:

    Hi King, the wikitude icon should be put under Menu -> applications and looks like our famous orange palm. To make sure that Wikitude is successfully installed you can check the application manager. Go to Menu -> Applications -> App.mgr. -> Installed apps, and look for an Wikitude entry. Cheers, Wolfgang

  46. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Joao, this most definitely means that your phone can not retrieve a location. Make sure that you enabled all location providers. GPS by itself requires a little while to get a location fix and might even fail if you are indoors. You can check to see if you can successfully retrieve a location by using for example Ovi Maps. If Ovi Maps is able to retrieve a location and Wikitude is still hanging on startup please write an email to info AT mobilizy DOT com and include a detailed description of the problem and the phones firmware version (input *#0000# to see this info). Thanks, Wolfgang

  47. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Alejandro, the Sony Ericsson Vivaz does not have a digital compass, which is required by Wikitude. Therefore Wikitude will unfortunately not be able to run on a Vivaz (or any other device without a digital compass). Cheers, Wolfgang

  48. biopolymath says:

    I have a history of uninstalling and reinstalling Wikitude for Nokia N97.
    But when I attempt to reinstall, it failed at the stage where a download is required.

    I tried deleting files like Qt library and sqlite3, but none of them work either – installation fails at download stage.

    Wolfgang, can you issue additional pointers on this?

  49. Joao Coelho says:

    Dear Wolfgang…I still have the same problem related before. The software installs without any problem but I am not able to use it. I have checked ovi maps and gps is working fine. I was outside for a couple of minutes in order to help gps to easily locate my phone too. I have reinstalled the software also, but nothing helps. I have checked the required files in order to wikitude works and everything is there. What else I can try?

  50. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Joao, that is unfortunate. If ovi maps is able to locate you and you start Wikitude it should be able to get a location too. Would you be so kind and tell me the phone’s firmware (input *#0000# in order to see this information). Are you installing the version from the ovi store? Thanks, Wolfgang

  51. Wolfgang says:

    Hi biopolymath, on the N97 there might be a problem if you are using an old firmware. If you have the latest firmware the installation should work. If you want to uninstall everything Qt related you can also uninstall the Open C, Standard C++ and Symbian OS PIPS libraries. Let me know if that helped. Cheers Wolfgang

  52. biopolymath says:

    @Wolfgang: none of these approach worked. My phone N97 is using software release 22.0.110. When I tried to install, it requested a download of ~9 MB consists of 6 parts, but always fail at the second download (“Installing 2 of 6”).

  53. Wolfgang says:

    Hi biopolymath, the only thing that comes to my mind is that you might be running out of disk space. The problem you described is related to the Smart Installer from Nokia that installs the missing libraries automatically. We can not do anything about the Smart Installer since it is owned by Nokia. But, you might try to install the Qt libraries by hand. Unfortunately you have to download the whole SDK at to get the libraries. After installing you will find them at Startmenu -> All Programs -> Nokia Qt SDK -> Symbian -> Install Qt … . Let’s hope that it’s just a diskspace issue. Cheers, Wolfgang

  54. tberi says:

    I tried installing on e73
    choose C;
    verifying components
    reverting changes
    device not supported

    I looked for the wikitude app on the phone and couldn’t find it

    any idesa?

  55. Wolfgang says:

    Hi tberi, it seems that the Nokia Smart Installer we are using is not able to fetch the right qt mobility library. If this is the problem, than installing Qt Mobility APIs manually beforehand will resolve it. I sent you the mobility api sis via email. Let me know if it worked. Cheers, Wolfgang

  56. Daniel says:

    Hallo. Ist es möglich einen festen Zugangspunkt festzulegen?
    Ich habe Wikitude auf dem N8 installiert. Jedoch kommt alle 10 Sekunden die Frage nach der Bestätigung des Zugangspunktes. Das macht den Gebrauch ein wenig umständlich;-)?

  57. Wolfgang says:

    Hallo Daniel, dieses Problem ist uns leider noch nicht untergekommen. Eigentlich sollte der zu Beginn gewählte Zugangspunkt über die gesamte Laufzeit von Wikitude verwendet werden. Unter Settings -> Connectivity -> Settings kann das Nachfrageverhalten für Datenverbindungen geändert werden. Bitte lass mich wissen ob das etwas geholfen hat.

  58. Haralds says:

    Hello, I am from Latvia. Why nokia c6 dont have wikitude? My nokia say “you dont have sensor ” or ” your sensor didnt found” something like that. Would it will able for nokia c6? Thanks. (Haralds, Latvia)

  59. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Haralds, you probably have the C6-00 which does not have a digital compass built in. Wikitude requires such a sensor so unfortunately we cannot support the C6-00. The recently released C6-01 running Symbian^3 however, is support because it has such a sensor. Cheers, Wolfgang

  60. Point Place says:

    I’ve tried Wikitude on my E72 running firmware version 051.018 and have the following to report:
    1) No problems with QT installation
    2) Programme is stable and has not crashed before
    3) However, UI is not usable. In Cam View, the text is too tiny to read and the top left information box is cut off so I can’t read any information displayed there. Seems the software is not optimized for landscape-oriented phones.
    4) Text is garbled on various screens, including when you click on a highlighted item to get more details.
    5) Overall, the app is unusable on the Nokia E72 – and in its current beta-like state, should NOT be made available for download on the Ovi Store for E72. However, I do hope these issues can be corrected soon.

  61. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Point Place, thanks for the feedback. The E72 is one of our primary test devices and we did not encounter these problems during testing. I have sent you an email to get further details on the problem. This will help us to resolve the issues quickly. Thanks, Wolfgang

  62. rafael sarabia says:

    hola, he instalado el wikitude en mi e 72 pero al ejecutar la aplicacion me aparece el siguiente error “letter is expected” la opcion ok y se sale de la aplicacion mi version de firmware es la 052.005

  63. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Rafael, I hope it’s okay to reply in English. To investigate this problem I would need more information. Please answer me following questions and send me an email to info AT mobilizy DOT com. What version of Wikitude are you using (Menu -> System -> Programmanager -> Installed Programs -> Wikitude -> Options -> Details)? Where did you try it out (approximately your location)? What was visible on the screen before the error message appeared? Did you have a working internet connection? Many thanks, Wolfgang

  64. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Friedrich, please download Wikitude from the Ovi Store if you own a N8-00. We offer these downloads just for phones that are currently not supported to receive Qt content via the Ovi Store.



  65. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Baumi, unfortunately non of the Sony Ericsson smartphones running Symbian has the necessary digital compass built in. Therefore we are not able to support the vivaz pro or other Sony Ericsson smartphones. Cheers, Wolfgang

  66. Wolfgang says:

    Hallo Tom, das X6 hat keinen digitalen Kompass eingebaut. Da dieser von Wikitude unbedingt benötigt wird, können wir das X6 leider nicht unterstützt.

  67. Wolfgang says:

    Hi CartonBox, i will need a few more details on the problem. Please send me an email (info AT mobilizy DOT com) and describe what is happening (Do you see the splash screen?, What loading text is displayed?, etc.). If it did work before; can you remember what you have changed on the phone (network configuration, installation/removing of other applications, …). What version of Wikitude are you using and have you tried reinstalling from the Ovi Store? Thanks, Wolfgang

  68. Michael says:

    Hallo Wolfgang,
    ich habe Wikitude auf meinem E72 installiert und habe das gleiche Problem, wie schon einer meiner Vorgänger- es bleibt beim suchen der Position hängen. Mit Ovi Maps habe ich innerhalb weniger Sekunden meine Position. Ein weiteres Problem ist auch, dass Wikitude eine Wlan Verbindung verlangt, die ich draußen nicht habe. Ich habe also die Wahl zwischen WLAN oder GPS aber es funktioniert weder drinnen noch draußen. Ich habe es auch schon während einer längeren Autofahrt laufen lassen- kein Ergebnis.
    Die Softwareversion ist: 031.023


  69. radekg says:

    Why you don’t you provide information what version of application is now available? It is simple data, that would save my time.

  70. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Chris, unfortunately the N95 8gb does not have a digital compass built in. This sensor is required by Wikitude so we are not able to support it. – Wolfgang

  71. Wolfgang says:

    Hallo Michael,
    Ich glaube es handelt sich um 2 unterschiedliche Probleme. Wikitude wählt automatisch den verfügbaren Standard-Zugangspunkt aus. Das WLAN Problem könnte daher auf Grund einer falschen Konfiguration entstehen. Bitte kontrolliere ob unter Menu -> Control Panel -> Settings -> Connection -> Destinations der Internet Zugangspunkt als Standard definiert ist (Fähnchen neben dem Namen). Im Zugangspunkt sollte das WLAN und das Mobilfunktnetz enthalten sein.

    Um auszuschließen, dass es sich bei dem GPS Problem auch um eine falsche Konfiguration handelt, bitte ich dich unter Menu -> Applications -> GPS -> GPS data -> Options -> Positioning settings -> Position methods zu kontrollieren ob alle Positionierungsmethoden aktiviert sind (Bluetooth GPS wird nicht benötigt).

    Sollte das Problem weiterhin bestehen bitte ich dich mir eine Email an info AT mobilizy DOT com zu schicken. Dabei interessiert mich auch die installierte Wikitude Version.

    Danke! Wolfgang

  72. Wolfgang says:

    Hi radekg, the version available for Symbian is 5.0.2 and in short 5.0.3. I will be adding this information to future posts where appropriate. Cheers Wolfgang

  73. Fevves says:

    What about Samsung i8910 support? Is there any chance we can install working 5.0.3 version at all?

    I can install OVI Store 5.0.3 version just fine, but compass API is not working right on i8910 as it is not calibrating at all while in camera mode. My copass (magnetometer sensor) is working just fine, I checked it via system testing app and also Compass app that needs calibrating. Is there some kind of fix to this or i8910 users are doomed and bound to old and outdated 2.0.2 version?

    Thanks for your kind relpy Wolfgang :)

  74. Fevves says:

    kk, I got it… i8910 is dead and there is nothing it can be done to give it some more freshness like Wikitude is doing for Nokia N97.

    I’m still happily using Wikitude v2 on my i8910 and I thank you for that :)


  75. pavelondra says:

    some bug at e72 version 5.00 and 5.01 installing, then veryfiing components and then crash, says canceling installation and closes. why?

  76. Wolfgang says:

    Hi pavelondra, please make sure you are installing the latest version from Ovi Store and that there is enough diskspace available on your C: drive (at least 11 MB). Unfortunately we don’t have much influence on the installation procedure, but you might want to uninstall any previous version of Wikitude and Qt Libraries prior to installing Wikitude again from the Ovi Store. Let me know how it went. Cheers Wolfgang

  77. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Ton,

    unfortunately we currently don’t support the E6. This might change in the future but I can not give you any definite date.

    Cheers, Wolfgang

  78. Bengt Nilsen says:

    Hi. Had already latest update of ‘Anna’ and Wikitude was working just fine until just a week ago, suddenly it came up on my N8, “Could not connect to the Wikitude Server. Please check your network access. (Bad file descriptor) ”

    Tried reinstalling and doublechecking network. Any idea. Was really bad that this happened at the time when I was showing off this fine piece of technlogy. Hope it is just easy thing to fix.

  79. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Bengt, it seems we are experiencing some server problems that are affecting a small portion of our Symbian users. To help us fix the problem could you send an email to info AT wikitude DOT com with your location, device and firmware versions. Thanks, Wolfgang

  80. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Tushar, it is available for the N97 and N97 mini but not for any other S60v5 device. Only those devices have the needed hardware built in. – Wolfgang

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