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Wikitude Drive Google I/O Update: Test Drivers Wanted

Wikitude Drive (Android) US Beta Test Phase starts Thursday, May 20, 10:00am PST !! A few of you might remember our announcement of Wikitude Drive end of August 2009. For those of you who don’t, here is a recap:

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19 Responses
  1. Gregory Youngblood says:

    Installed it on my Incredible. First time I tried to use it the program crashed. The next time it sort of worked. I entered an address and got a route, but then it said I arrived at my destination when I turned onto the last street, a good two miles from the actual destination.

    One other detail – it appears to have forced my screen to stay on – the display stopped turning off automatically. I had to go into settings and set the auto shut off timer to a different value and then back to my desired 30 second value. [The setting indicated it was 30 seconds even though the screen would not shut off.]

    Other than those minor issues it was following the route we were driving fairly well. Pretty slick.

  2. Statustray says:

    I downloaded the Beta version of the app earlier today from the market with no problems. It has since been taken down from the market. BUT, the app on my Motorola Droid is telling me that there is an update, but when I tell it to get the update, it errors out telling me that 404 error, it does not exist. Now the app no longer works- cannot get navigation directions. If you tell it no thanks to the update, it simply closes the app out. What gives?

  3. nexus one user says:

    I was able to download and install this today (on my Nexus One) from the Android market but on launching it says that I’ve to upgrade to a newer version and at this point the app is not listed in the market.

  4. Scott says:

    Downloaded as one of the 2000 beta users. Connects as says to update to no update that is available and then closes… me out here. I really would like to beta test this….but I assume at this point it is vaporware.

  5. Damian montero says:

    Downloaded an installed it. BUT when I try to use it it tells me it needs to upgrade, but since you’ve pulled it from the market I can’t. And therefore I can’t use it. Please email me

  6. Nicola says:

    Hi Bosti,
    Our current test phase is only in the US. But once the product is out of the Beta phase we will launch in bunch of counties. We’ll keep you posted.

  7. Adam R. says:

    I made sure I downloaded this yesterday and tried it out on my Sprint HTC Hero (finally running Android 2.1!). The first couple attempts to launch the app resulted in errors. The third time it launched fine and I put in an address. It couldn’t find my GPS location. After another couple failed attempts, it was able to launch the driving directions.

    The “camera view” briefly flickered, then disappeared, replaced by just the green path and the arrow. After fiddling with the settings a bit, I was able to switch views back to the camera. However, this only lasted about 15 minutes before the whole app froze. It eventually turned the camera off and, after another 10 minutes, started navigating (without the camera) again.

    Like Greg above, it changed my screen timeout to “never” which forced me to change it back. FYI, It also does not like to run concurrent with Slacker radio (I can run Google’s Navigator fine with Slacker). The app also doesn’t run consistently in the background. When I went to check email, then returned, I had to relaunch the navigator.

    The interface is fairly spartan (compared to my Garmin and Google’s Navigation app) and I don’t know if it can recalculate directions if you take a wrong turn (like my Garmin) – I didn’t have the chance to test that. However, the camera overlay feature (when it worked) was very cool. I look forward to seeing this app develop!

  8. Brinkel Taurence says:

    I was able to launch this application successfully on first go. When I gave invalid input, it gave me alternative dest. When I launched on alternative dest, the application crashed, it happened consistently. Finally when I gave alternative dest as address, the green and orange arrows didnt come up. It worked great for foot navigation though. Will let you know more as I keep using it.

  9. Darek Z says:

    Installed and tested on G1 – it does work!!! but choppy voice directions (slow phone?, android 1.6?). there is no settings for US (or I can”t find them – being from Europe doesn’t bother me too much). Little slow rerouting.

  10. Uwe says:

    Wikitude Drive now dead? No new Information with a new Version and no app in the Android Market. Many great words from Wikitude from the Drive Navigation , then a bad timelimit test version and now no words more from this and Wikitude Drive while thi projekt now dead!?

  11. Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis says:

    Hello Uwe, it’s the opposite. This project is alive as a young puppy.
    We are working towards a release – when dealing with navigation and external partners, there are alot of legal issues involved as well. Send an email to drive{at} and I’ll send you a preliminary copy. In which country are you located?

  12. Dmitri says:

    Hi Philipp!

    Is it still possible to get preliminary copy of Drive app? I am from Estonia and really would like to test it.
    Thanks in advance,

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