Wikitude 3D Encoder

The Wikitude 3D Encoder for Mac and Windows is a desktop tool, that optimizes 3D models to be used together with the Wikitude SDK.

The Encoder works with FBX 2013 (.fbx) and Collada (.dae)files. We recommend using FBX wherever possible as tools support for FBX is widely available. Furthermore Collada allows to include customized attributes that might not be understood by the Wikitude 3D Encoder.


Target Manager

The Wikitude Target Manager is a web-based tool to convert your images into images that can be recognized by the Wikitude SDK. The tool generates a digital footprint of your images and stores that in a target collection file (.wtc file). Include the wtc file in your projects to recognize your images.


Publish in Wikitude

This wizard will help you publish your World in the Wikitude App.