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Wikitude technology is powering some of the most interactive and cutting edge campaigns in the industry. Whether it’s print media image recognition, 3D modelling and animations, or geo-aware experiences, engage with your customers like never before with Wikitude. In addition to our forward facing technology, Wikitude provides you with a comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting features that allow you to custom tailor your campaigns to meet and exceed your ROI and expectations.

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Ian Griggs, 2012

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Wikitude Studio

Create your own augmented reality, no programming skills needed!

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The Wikitude Studio – Create, Manage, Publish

The Wikitude Studio is a comprehensive digital augmentation suite designed specifically with agencies in mind. Built around an intuitive graphic interface, agencies can quickly and easily set up augmentation campaigns with no programming skills required. With the Wikitude Studio, agencies can manage campaigns “on-the-fly” and swap content within an app without the need for a lengthy approval process. This instant access allows campaigns to keep relevant and optimize budgets, ensuring a maximum return on investment. The Wikitude Studio’s powerful reporting and analytics features further assist advertisers and marketers track and adapt campaigns.

Wikitude SDK

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The Wikitude SDK

Built upon the Wikitude Core technology platform, our SDK uses common web based programming languages, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. There is no need for developers to learn additional languages, thus dramatically reducing your time-to-market lifecycle. With the ability to create popular print media based image recognition and tracking experiences, 3D modeling and animations, and geo-based augmentations, the Wikitude SDK is a complete end-to-end software development kit. All digital augmentations created using the Wikitude Studio can easily be imported into the Wikitude SDK, further reducing your time-to-market, and ensuring that client’s requests are met within minimal time.

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