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Android 7 and iOS 10 – Our Augmented Reality SDK is Ready!

In the past weeks our development team has been digging deep into public beta versions of the new iOS 10 and Android 7.0 Nougat. With yesterday’s official release of Android’s new version of the OS, we wanted to make a quick summary for our dev community of the main changes and let you know we ... Read more

5 Tips to help pitch AR for your next project

You get it – AR is incredibly cool, and most definitely the wave of the future – but your client is still wondering if it’s time to ride the AR wave. If you’ve pinpointed an excellent use-case for AR within a client’s project, we wanted to give you a few tools to help get them ... Read more

How to build an app like Pokémon Go in three simple steps

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Pokémon Go. Released in the USA on July 6th, 2016, it’s already picked up more users than Twitter, and helped push Nintendo’s market capitalization over $30 billion. It is also great example of a location-based (LBS) game and geo-based augmented reality. Much of the success ... Read more

The ODG-customised Wikitude SDK is ready to go!

The ODG R7 is one of the most impressive pieces of AR technology on the market right now – and Wikitude’s here to help you easily make incredible apps and content for it. The Wikitude SDK is now fully compatible with and optimized for the R-7 smartglasses and the ODG Reticle ecosystem.   Currently one of the ... Read more