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Wikitude Giveaway: Win a Free SDK

Set of abstract christmas banners.

Jingles here, jingles there

Bug fix everywhere
It’s again that time of the year
Code, code, code, no time for a beer

Bed would be lovely, soft and deep,
but you’ve a deadline that you must keep
“Augmented reality is the future, they say”
Check out Wikitude, they have an SDK

You asked, it happened, it’s under the tree
Maybe it’s your chance to get the license for free
You know you deserve it, so just tell us why
You can make us wonder, laugh or cry!

Set of abstract christmas banners.

🎁 Wikitude’s 2016 Xmas giveaway 

Get the chance to win a free SDK PRO for Android and iOS including Wikitude’s location-based and image recognition features. All you have to do is to tell us why you deserve to win a free license this year.
Submissions can be in any format desired: short message, video, image, drawing, Studio project, AR sample app… creativity is what counts most!

How to participate 

Rules of the game

  • Only one submission per person is allowed
  • Deadline: December 19th 2016, 23:59 CET
  • Winner announcement: 23rd December
  • Submissions will be evaluated by the Wikitude development team
  • By entering the contest, you agree to receive newsletters and future promotions from Wikitude

2 Responses
  1. Nadya Stamatova says:

    I am an architect with a strong interest to AR. I work in my own studio on architectural projects for profit but also since years am working not for profit in the field of the virtual museums. In 2015 Wikitude was one of the partners in our proposal IMMERSE, related to the virtual reconstructions of the Roman Thermae and a Roman Town House. In spite of the result that the project was not financed, we continued to work on it by our own efforts. I wish in the coming 2017 to try in real the powerful tools of Wikitude on these two locations.