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Create and manage effective augmented reality solutions for your clients

Create and deliver next-generation projects for your clients

Our comprehensive suite of technology tools allows agencies to create any number of digital augmentations including geographic location based experiences, image recognition and tracking campaigns, and 3D modeling and animation projects. With an eye on the bottom line, Wikitude’s comprehensive analytics and reporting features helps agencies keep a close eye on conversion rates, and the ability to quickly adapt campaigns to further ROI.

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Wikitude Studio

Create your own augmented reality, no programming skills needed!

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The Wikitude Studio – Create, Manage, Publish

The Wikitude Studio is a comprehensive digital augmentation suite designed specifically with agencies in mind. Built around an intuitive graphic interface, agencies can quickly and easily set up augmentation campaigns with no programming skills required. With the Wikitude Studio, agencies can manage campaigns “on-the-fly” and swap content within an app without the need for a lengthy approval process. This instant access allows campaigns to keep relevant and optimize budgets, ensuring a maximum return on investment. The Wikitude Studio’s powerful reporting and analytics features further assist advertisers and marketers track and adapt campaigns.

Richard Caelius

General Manager Europe Xomo Digital Inc.

Wikitude SDK

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The Wikitude SDK

Built upon the Wikitude Core technology platform, our SDK uses common web based programming languages, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. There is no need for developers to learn additional languages, thus dramatically reducing your time-to-market lifecycle. With the ability to create popular print media based image recognition and tracking experiences, 3D modeling and animations, and geo-based augmentations, the Wikitude SDK is a complete end-to-end software development kit. All digital augmentations created using the Wikitude Studio can easily be imported into the Wikitude SDK, further reducing your time-to-market, and ensuring that client’s requests are met within minimal time.

Award winning expertise you can trust

Wikitude has received numerous awards and currently works with a number of industry leading brands including Red Bull, Zalando, IBM, O2, and 20th Century Fox. These organizations trust our expertise and technology to power some of the most exciting and interactive digital augmentation experiences on the planet. Ready present your clients with an extraordinary experience? Contact us today to get started!

The Wikitude Premium Partner Program (P3)

The Wikitude P3 is a select group of agencies and developers that work in close association with Wikitude. As a leading provider of digital augmentation experiences, we regularly receive requests from a wide range of industries. As Premium Partner Program members, we then refer these requests to members that would make the best fit. P3 members also receive:

20% discount on all Wikitude products
20% discount on all Wikitude products
Pre-release product updates
Preferred technical support and web training
Listing on the Wikitude website
Listing on the Wikitude website
P3 badge for your website
P3 badge for your website

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