Wikitude at a Glance

Wikitude is a renowned pioneer and the world’s leading augmented reality technology provider. We offer a complete suite of augmented reality solutions including the wikitude SDK, cloud recognition, Studio and the wikitude app. Our extensive technology and multi-platform approach allows you to easily develop engaging AR mobile apps and projects, with or without programming skills!

AR engine

The Wikitude Technology Core

The Wikitude SDK is the core of our augmented reality solution set. It provides you with every technology component necessary to create powerful AR mobile apps. The latest version of the Wikitude SDK includes geo-based AR, image recognition and tracking services, extended image tracking, as well as 3D modeling and presentation layers.

Wikitude’s SDK is an all-in-one AR solution fully developed in-house and optimized for smartphones, tablets and smart glasses. Programmers may choose developing their AR mobile applications by using native programming languages for Android and iOS (Java, ObjC) or with web technologies HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS.

Additional Solutions


The Wikitude Studio is an easy web-based tool to create AR experiences where no programming skills are needed. Simply drag and drop images, choose your augmentation and publish your AR project either in the Wikitude app or on your own app.

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Cloud Recognition

Wikitude’s Cloud Recognition service allows you to work with up to 50,000 target images hosted in the cloud. With a very quick response time and high recognition rate, you can choose between continuous search or tap to scan modes to recognize a larger target collection online.

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Targets API

The Targets API is a RESTful API, that allows you to automate digital image conversions into target collections, which can later easily be used within the Wikitude SDK. With this solution, you can use your own CMS to create and manage large target image collections.

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The app

The Wikitude App empowers businesses to directly create their own augmented reality campaigns, within a matter of minutes. In combination with the Wikitude Studio, augmented reality projects and campaigns can quickly and easily be created and provide engaging interactive content.

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SDK Plugins

The Wikitude SDK works together with various tools and frameworks making your development process as easy as possible. Currently the wikitude SDK supports the following mobile development framework: Unity3D, Apache Cordova, Appcelerator’s Titanium and Xamarin.

Supported Platforms

Android and iOS

The Wikitude SDK is available for both Android and iOS devices. We make sure that it’s up to date, even before Google and Apple push out upgrades of new versions of their operating systems. Rest assured that your AR app and functionality will run flawlessly on brand new, as well as older devices ensuring maximum utilization of your app.
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Smart Glasses

The Wikitude SDK is also available for a number of leading augmented reality smart glasses. Different smart glass hardware requires differently optimized software. We make sure you get the best AR SDK for Google Glass, Epson Moverio, Vuzix M100 and Optinvent ORA1.

Smartphone & Tablet

The wikitude SDK is optimised for the latest smartphones and tablets in the market with both Android and iOS operating systems. A detailed list of supported devices is available in the wikitude documentation section.
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Wikitude Community & Network

With Wikitude, you’re not just working on an AR app with the world’s leading augmented reality SDK, but joining a dedicated community of augmented reality enthusiasts that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible today.

Wikitude counts more than 50,000 registered AR developers and over 30 premium partners all working to bring the future forward, today.