Wikitude - The World's leading Augmented Reality SDK

Ready to create your augmented reality project?

Want to build your own AR app with the award-winning Wikitude SDK? Or perhaps you want to publish your content in the Wikitude app? Look no further!

Wikitude SDK

The Wikitude SDK for your own app

One augmented reality SDK for all your AR requirements including geo-based AR, image recognition and tracking and support for animated 3D models.

HTML5 and Javascript

Web Technologies

Creating Augmented Reality content hasn’t been simpler – base your creations on well known web standards and get out most of HTML(5), JavaScript and CSS.



Code once, run everywhere – augmented reality content created with the Wikitude SDK will run on iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10.

Are you an agency with highly demanding clients?


Build engaging augmented reality for your clients, or publish their content within the Wikitude World Browser. Looking for new advertising avenues? How about geographically relevant, and highly targeted augmented reality displays? Can do with the Wikitude SDK! Deliver the ROI your clients are seeking. Bring your print media, products, or any object to life. Display places or people in your vicinity. Or … simply do it all!

Wikitude – THE APP

…has been voted “Best Augmented Reality Browser” by the AR community 4 years in a row.

What's around you


Explore and understand your world, simply “See more.” Discover sights, pubs, shopping and even people around you. Wikitude will help you in new surroundings as well as in your own neighborhood.

Search and find places


Are you looking for something? Perhaps an Italian restaurant nearby? Wikitude’s advanced search allows you to find the places you want with lots of information, reviews and insights. Make a wish!

More experiences every day


Wikitude THE APP is not really one app but thousands of AR apps in one. With new AR ‘Worlds’ being published to Wikitude everyday, there is always something new to explore.